In high school, I had a very close friend named Sarah.  She came from a military family and it was her dream to become an officer in the Air Force.  So it was no surprise that she enrolled in boot camp early entry during the summer break from high school.  I wrote this next poem, Falling, to reassure her that I would still be there with her in spirit, and, every night, she could look at the moon and know I was somewhere looking at the same moon and thinking supportive thoughts to her.



I like this girl so much,

And though I have told her so,

How much I really mean it,

I doubt she’ll ever know.


I wish that I could call her,

But I know she’s not at home.

Sitting by myself,

I am stuck here all alone.


Staring at the moon,

Standing in the street.

Body cold without her,

Road will warm my feet.


Wondering what she’s doing,

Hoping she’s ok.

Remembering how she left,

On that dreadful day.


They took her into training,

To push her to the max.

Making life a living hell,

Seeing if she cracks.


I wish that she could hear me,

I have so much to say.

Even though I know she can’t,

I say this anyway:


Sarah I am here for you,

When you think that no one cares.

Waiting for you with open arms,

At the top of the stairs.


And though you have a tough climb ahead,

And the steps are getting steep,

Remember that I care for you,

And before you go to sleep.


Just glance out of your window,

At the moon so bright,

Close your eyes and smile,

And drift off into the night.


Fall asleep content,

Far away from harm.

Knowing that you are falling,

Right into my arms.


~Zero Ehxe




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