Swift Silent Deadly

I was contacted by a private publisher of poetry because my school newspaper sent my entries to them and they asked for some poetry to publish.  I had never been into drugs, but I knew that feeling of wanting something to take all the pain and memories away, to just disappear into the drugs, even going so far as hoping to overdose on them just to stop the pain.  So I wrote Swift Silent Deadly.


Swift Silent Deadly


Swift Silent Deadly,

Heroin in my veins.

I wish that I could stop this,

But I just can’t stop the pain.


Swiftly I can feel it,

Calms me to the core.

Erases everything I hate,

About the life I led before.


Silently it helps me,

Hides the light of day.

All the screaming in my head,

It helps to take away.


Deadly now it shows me,

It is my only friend.

Icy fingers, covered mouth,

Waiting for the end.


Heroin taking over,

For one thing I now pray,

Swift Silent Deadly,

Death now come my way.


~Zero Ehxe

This was my first poem to be published outside of school newspapers, by a real publisher that paid me.


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