In middle school, I dated a girl that was my first crush.  I wanted to ask her out for the longest time, but I had no self-esteem or self-worth, so it was impossible to believe anyone could love me.  When I did finally ask her out, I found out she had liked me for a while and had the same anxiety about me that I did about her.  After the success of my Dear Santa school newspaper submission, I was asked to enter the Valentine’s day contest the next year.  Clover was my entry.



In my hand there is a clover,

I’m trying to win you over.


I’ve wished upon a star,

Didn’t get me very far.


On luck my hope now stands,

Luck from the 4 leaf clover in my hands.


You’re all I’m thinking of,

You’re the one I truly love.


If you only knew,

What would you do?


How I wish to tell,

From my soul I scream and yell.


Try my words to take flight,

But my lips I keep shut tight.


I approach you one last time,

To ask you to be mine.


“Hi,” I softly speak,

My words, they come out weak.


“Hello,” is your reply,

In my heart I start to die.


Why can I not say more?

What am I so shy for?


From my clover I take a leaf,

I do to show my grief.


Now my luck is gone,

Somehow I must move on.


I turn to walk away,

I have failed again this day.


This just cannot be,

I need you here with me.


And as I turn to speak,

There a tear did grace your cheek.


And on the ground something lands,

From the leafless clover in your hands.


~Zero Ehxe

I had a four-leafed clover for good luck and tore off a leaf every time I failed to ask her out.  And little did I know she was doing the same thing, and her clover had fewer leaves than mine did.

I ended up moving away from that girl, getting on with my life, but I never forgot about her.  Eventually, we reconnected which is a great story, including me stalker-ishly sleeping in my car in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart where she might or might not have worked, just for a chance to see her again because I had no contact information for her.  It all worked out, and 2018 marks my 10th wedding anniversary with Ash!

On top of that, I won the Valentine’s Day newspaper writing contest with my Clover entry.



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