Tap Titans 2 Guide

I am no longer playing Tap Titans 2 for personal reasons.  I have loved my time with the game and helping you all become better players.  Take care and Happy Tapping!

~Zero Ehxe

UPDATE:  I have been asked about my account and ending stats.

My account is linked to my Facebook account so I can’t give it away.  I wanted to hold a lottery in my clan to give it to some lucky clanmate, who are all like friends to me.  Sadly, my account will just go to waste, sitting there unused.


My ending stats?  I had 420 days installed and 163 days of play time.  That’s 38.81% of my time for a year spent on the game, and that doesn’t include the time I spent sleeping with the game off, moderating the TT2 discords, moderating the TT2 subreddit, watching the GameHive Twitch stream, or working on this guide.  Subtract those hours and it’s more like 85% of my time was spent playing Tap Titans 2.


My Book of Shadows was level 124,600.



(Edited February 16th, 2018, for patch 2.6)

Here is one last test I performed to give you an idea what I used to do for the Tap Titans 2 community.  This was for patch 2.6 which revamped splash skip.  I used a Shadow Clone build with 541 skill points for the base and wondered this:

Which is better for farming using a Shadow Clone build, 34 skill points in Aerial Assault or 34 points in Eternal Darkness?





This is my base build for the test.  Note that I have one level Aerial Assault to unlock Coordinated Offensive and one level in Eternal Darkness to unlock Dimensional Shift.  The remaining 34 skill points will be placed in either of the aforementioned skills to test splash skip speed to my farming stage.




Here are my splash damage artifact and non-boss damage artifact levels.  It’s easy to splash through basic titans with damage at these levels.



Here’s my clan ship damage artifact level.


Also note that I was in a clan quest 800+ clan which provided +4 clan-based splash skip to Aerial Assault and Coordinated Offensive (clanmate summon).


I started at a low stage and used make it rain with Adrenaline Rush.    I waited until I got to stage 6,076 to start my timer.  From there, I created data points at significant stages and pressed the prestige button to note how many base relics I would earn at that stage as well as the time it took me to reach the said stage.  This is how I calculated my earned “relics per minute”.  The faster a build progressed, the more relics per minute were earned.  I ran this test 2 times, once for each splash skip option.  Here is what I learned:

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.38.46.png

Aerial Assault took an early lead, getting to stage 9,500 in only 57 minutes and 32 seconds. It took Eternal Darkness 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 9 seconds to get that far.  But when Aerial Assault lost its potency at higher stages, Eternal Darkness gained the lost ground and more.  By 11,900, Eternal Darkness had been running for only 3 hours where Aerial Assault had been going for 4 hours.  That equates to a higher relics earned per minute for Eternal Darkness than Aerial Assault for Shadow Clone builds.  Another mystery solved by Zero Ehxe with the help of math and science!


Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.39.13

Here’s the same data in chart form.  Eternal Darkness is the blue line and Aerial Assault is the green line.  Relics per minute ascend the left vertical and stages are at the bottom.  Data points are for the relics earned per minute at a given stage with lines drawn for visual continuity.


I really enjoyed this test.  Coming to a conclusion and having data to prove which is correct creates a warm and fuzzy feeling that I love, and I will miss experimenting for all of you.  Take care and Happy Tapping!




I was deleting my old files and archiving stuff when I came across this screenshot:


MetxChris is a developer at GameHive, the makers of Tap Titans 2.   I had requested they implement the time it took to kill a Titan Lord on the kill screen because I tracked every kill time in a spreadsheet.  Before, my clan members had to look at the timer every time they attacked.  MetxChris listened to my request and implemented it just for me.  I’ll always cherish how the developers listened to and respected me and the rest of their fan base.  They made continual improvements to the game at a rapid pace.  I don’t think you’ll find a group of harder working people in the mobile games space.  Thanks for all the good times guys and gals.